Artificial intelligence (AI) Based Applications

AI-based applications

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) aims to build and strengthen Artificial Intelligence (AI) through computer algorithms based on mathematical and statistical models which gradually equip computers to predict and decide the outcome of a complex data and information exchange without being programmed to do so. So Machine Learning focuses on developing such computer programs that have the ability and capability to access data and use it to learn how to take action and decide outcomes based on patterns and examples being fed.
  • Business Intelligence

Intelligence is all about new input data analysis and performance data analysis to comprehend, optimize, and forecast the outcomes and user experiences.
Artificial Intelligence aims to transform business intelligence by assisting humans through robots and computers that are developed by humans using statistical and mathematical models of data collected through the usage and actions of humans.
IoT acts as a source of input to AI.
  • Chatbot Development 

Chatbots are like human beings or clones that interact with a customer visiting a website and provide guidance through simple information or guiding the way through to get answers to a complex query by escalating it to the concerned department representative.
Chatbots are like the front office executives who provide a feel-good first-hand experience and then convert the time and trust gained to connect the visitor to a person more accomplished to undertake that task.
  • Voice Assistant

A voice assistant is a more personalized version of Chatbot who is deployed as a Virtual Assistant to answer or act against specific user queries. They are capable of speech recognition and can be language-specific too. 

Machine learning

We use machine learning to build AI solutions that can gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights for business growth.

Chatbot development

Our team develops chatbots that facilitate personalized interaction to increase loyalty and customer retention.

Business intelligence

Our AI engineers create and perform strategies to execute optimization, customer analysis, forecasting and performance analysis.

Voice Assistant

We also build voice assistants that enhance brand awareness and boost productivity through voice search.