Best Trends in Website Design this 2021

Best Trends in Website Design this 2021

We all know that technology changes fast, especially in this day and age. When it comes to website design trends, they aren’t any different. Design elements and site features that were previously innovative and modern have turned cliched and overdone over the recent years. So, the last thing you want is visitors losing conversion when they visit your site. This happens when it appears outdated while ignoring critical and current web standards.

Generally, staying updated on the top web design trends and standards is vital for your site’s success. To keep track of these, here are the 2021 design trends that will help shape your design. These will also help enhance the way people experience your page.

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Voice-Activated Interface

In this day and age, the way we access information and data is changing drastically. Instead of typing the words in Google, you can simply ask a question or command to search. It means that website design improves to keep up with the popularity of virtual assistants and voice chatbots. You can expect to see more sites using voice searches as an alternative to the classic text search.

3D Visuals

With the arrival of high-res screens, a lot of 3D designs have come a long way from Geocities. We can’t deny that we’ve been spotting high-quality 3D visuals seamlessly integrated into web designs. And instead of being flashy distractions, these visuals enhance the user experience.

With that, it’s become part of the best trends in website design this 2021.

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Dark Mode

No matter where you look, dark mode is everywhere. Thankfully, most mobile devices and browsers can toggle between dark and light modes. With that, you’ll need to consider how your website appears in dark color schemes, even if it isn’t the default.

Due to the dark mode’s popularity as a user preference, more designers are shifting to the deep and dark color palettes. They apply these for entire sites and UI designs. Do note that these projects usually have moody effects. So, it’s vital to consider how dark mode affects your website design’s vibe and content, even if you aren’t thinking of a toggle option.

For designers opting for a lighter interface, consider how the design will appear when users choose the dark mode. Remember that this mode isn’t only a reverse alternative for the color palette. The mode should be an intentional mix of dark, deep colors. It should give off the same visual aesthetic as the light mode. Plus, it needs to retain the whole website’s readability and functions.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

While having an enhanced multimedia experience, another one of the best 2021 design trends is augmented reality or AR experiences. Nowadays, AR is more than just gaming on your Apple or Android smart devices. There are new technologies such as the WebXR API that have opened their world to almost everyone.

Giving users a virtual choice has been a vital trend for a lot of retailers. Some brands have even created a virtual fitting room since they offer clothing and the like. Having this allows them to have a try before buying experience even when at home. Of course, this possibility doesn’t only apply to clothing. A popular brand’s app is known to allow their customers to see what their choice of furniture may look like. They can check if it suits their home’s theme and style via AR technology.

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Minimalist Designs

Minimalism designs are sometimes called flat designs. It isn’t a new trend when it comes to web design. However, it’s still linked to a lot of white space and the like. This year, we’re seeing a lot of brands and businesses experimenting with minimalism that is colorful. Do note that minimalist doesn’t need to be all white every time.

Colorful minimalism design goes together with color, one of the most vital web design trends this 2021. Bright, bold, and saturated shades help your site stand out from soft neutrals. These are what a lot of other sites have gone for over the years. Together with bold colors, we consider that utilizing colors mindfully to exude moods will be vital this year. With the use of color psychology, it allows a brand’s site to better sell and offers their services/products.

Big, Bold Typography

A big 2021 design trend for websites is typography that’s bigger and larger than life. The trend works ideally when there are only a couple of words to focus on. Plus, these are easy to understand and read. Typestyles can be seen all over the map too. You’ll get to see thin sans serifs to those funky and thin serifs. There are scripts and slabs as well.

Remember that the style of your font choice doesn’t matter much in this scenario. It’s the size that greatly matters. It’s what makes this trend work and be part of the best web design options this year. The good thing about this is that you can utilize them despite having busy images or backgrounds. If you have a flat background, that’s even better since it’ll let the text stand alone nicely.

Here are a couple of quick tips for using bold and big typographies:

● Determine if your text should be artistic or readable. If you’re opting for artistic, remember to include a secondary option that’s readable.

● Go big while utilizing a trendy type-face like outline or serif.

● Keep your background simple so the focus will be on your text element.

● Consider the responsive nature of text elements. You should also take note of how huge the text will appear in small screens and vertical spaces.

● Lastly, keep your words and letter to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your visitors.

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Conclusion About Web Design Trends for 2021

These 2021 design trends work best when developed as a part of a design scheme. Basically, none of these function alone. The trends are used together, and you’ll notice that when you observe different websites. Some sites combine dark mode and circles or a bright background with bold typography. These web design trends are highly versatile and can be combined with other designs. All you have to do is determine which designs are suitable for your website.

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