Taxi/Cab Booking App

Our cab/taxi app development basically enables your customers to view the list of available cabs which are close by. The price of every cab is also displayed. Also, your customers can view the route map of their desired destination. Moreover, our application is designed separately for your customers, taxi drivers, and the admins.

Features and Benefits

Passenger App

Delightful taxi booking experience for passengers

Driver App

Native iOS & Android apps for drivers

Admin Panel

A central management hub for taxi business owners

Dispatcher Panel

Dedicated panel for your manual dispatch operators

Why Taxi/Cab Booking Business?

The online taxi app business is essentially a lucrative business in which passengers are transported from one place to another, and due to this, quite a few native ideas wooing people in every corner of the globe.

In short, traditional taxi services have turned into a digitalised medium. Now, people prefer to book for the taxi app services via their smartphones as they are getting an opportunity to enhance their ride by the implementation of the advanced techniques.

Neon Pixel Network provides Cab Booking Solutions


We offer on-demand taxi app solutions for global startups with extensive features to grow your business faster.

Global Taxi Business

Our experienced team helps you to take your taxi business to the next level by implementing the advanced features.


Our customized cab management system open source software fulfils the requirements of the government and corporate transportation needs.