cloud hotel & restaurant erp

Cloud Hotel ERP

hotel software

Simplify your hotel's daily operations through technology and save your valuable time.

centralized credit card

Perform various credit card operations (verify, capture, authorize, refund, etc) from one place.

Online booking

Let people do booking online through your website or mobile app online.

room summary report

Get the data of today, period to date and year to date room revenue, extra charges received, etc.

Hotels have got to have a robust system in place as they are into customer service 24 x 7 and are thus desired to have reliable and error-free systems as a prerequisite. It’s also supposed to integrate various departments and their functions with a central supervisory control and security level based access to key personnel who are in operations control. Management and operational inter-dependence of departments and functions viz., front office, restaurant and bar, cafe, lounges, health center, swimming pool, salon & spa, concierge services, housekeeping, and room service must all be integrated to deliver seamless control and flexibility to the operations and management team to provide a delightful experience to their customers. It’s also important for such a system to be in place to do data analysis of consumer behavior and consumption trend basis which the management fine-tune their operations and introduce new products and services or modify the existing ones.

The basic integrated application can also be offered on the cloud so that our clients can plan and implement the installation and also do customization with optimized cost, time, and resources.

All basic and advanced features and functionalities as under can be implemented-

  • Customization
  • Access control and security
  • Backup and restoration support
  • MIS
  • Unlimited users activation
  • Passport protections
  • Smart card
  • Invoicing control
  • In-room entertainment channel and billing, with user control through password
  • Incorporating different GST / VAT based on products and services
  • Loyalty programs
  • Unique customer ID for frequent and loyal guests
  • Bonus vouchers for key customer and corporate accounts

Restaurant ERP

A restaurant with or without bar and gaming options need a versatile management system to ensure the following critical aspects-

  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen order processing
  • Avoid mix-up of customer orders
  • Flexible billing options
  • Incorporating different GST / VAT rates
  • Takeaway orders
  • Employee records
  • Loyalty programs
  • MIS report generation
  • Online Booking
  • Facilitate online booking by customers through the Hotel’s website or Mobile App
  • Credit Card / Wallet integration
    All internationally valid credit cards and wallets can be integrated for receiving client’s payment online or offline. This is important to have flexibility and control of critical functions such as credit card verification, authorization, cancellation, and refund operations
  • MIS reports
    All reports day-wise, room-wise, nationality-wise, and more as demanded by the management team can be generated at ease.

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