Customized SaaS Solutions

SaaS development services offer great payoff while saving the users from the hassle of buying, installing, maintaining or updating the app. Access to SaaS applications is fast and easy with an Internet connection.

SaaS App Development

The SaaS app development involves prototype development, testing, gathering user’s feedback, fixing bugs, and finally the launch of the software on the market.

But prior to the actual development, it is important to validate your idea by clearly defining why one of your clients among the target audience would choose your software product. Analyzing already available competitor’s product, and furthermost importantly how you would monetize the App are important considerations before going in for the App development.

SaaS Consulting Services

The SaaS application development process incorporates two very basic and fundamental inputs-

1. Business Analysis – If you can convincingly answer why you are building the application and how it is going to serve and benefit the customers and add value to their business, you are on the right track. Business Analysis is thus the most important part of conceptualizing the SaaS application.

2. Designing the App – Determining the scale of the project, it’s features, functionalities and special characteristics is another basic consideration that will determine the acceptance and successful adaptation of the App by the market.

The above two aspects must be well defined to avoid misappropriation of funds due to incorrect strategy.

We help our clients in this development process by providing the right consulting that optimizes the time and monetary resources.

3. Multi-faceted Tenant Architecture –A flexible multi-faceted approach incorporates deploying the product on both single-tenant and multi-tenant architecture, with the option to choose the level of security, control, and customization. 

While single-tenant configuration comes with the freedom to customize the solution and with increased security, it’s also costlier than the multi-tenant solution.

4. Analytics & Data Management – Integrating advanced data analytics and management through custom or pre-build tools is a much-desired feature of the SaaS product. It helps upgrade and add new components to make the product more robust and user-friendly.

It also helps optimize the cost of the product with better adaptability for future needs.

5. Software On-demand SaaS services – With cloud-computing technology algorithms and cloud-based software platforms, we can help you get the product as on-demand services.

Whether one needs upgrades or storages, the cloud-based subscription model is the best option as the desired software feature or the product itself is delivered at the optimized cost.

6. Cloud Application Scaling – Scalability is one of the most important design features and aspects of the SaaS product. It simply involves upgrading the infrastructure to allow many new users to use the product to improve the performance without compromising on the response time.

Vertical scaling incorporates increasing the RAM or faster storage devices such as SSD (solid-state device) or by adding more powerful processors (CPU). Horizontal scaling involves adding more servers to distribute the load among multiple machines.

Our SaaS Services

SaaS App Development

We provide end-to-end SaaS-based app design and development solutions. Our team can successfully convert your innovative idea into a scalable, feature-rich application for enhancing customer experience.

SaaS Consulting Services

Our several years of relevant expertise in the given domain allow us to aid startups as well as seasoned players plan and deploy the respective SaaS application strategy effectively with our professional consulting services.

Multi-faceted Tenant Architecture

We provide aid to the technology vendors with the right resources through effective planning and implementation of multi-faceted SaaS-based architectures, delivery models, and management tools.

Analytics & Data Management

We have experienced SaaS developers for creating and integrating advanced data analytics with the utilization of custom or pre-built tools that exceed traditional software solutions in every aspect.

Software On-demand SaaS Services

The owners of SaaS applications need the cloud-based backing for delivering on-demand services to the end users. And we deliver Software on-demand SaaS services combined with cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Application Scaling

We can help you to scale app-based resources effectively by harnessing the power of cloud applications. The cloud services platform allows us to ensure the right scaling options –just like in the traditional SaaS model.