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IoT Solutions

Internet of Things, or simply IoT refers to a broad range of technology and applications that involve enabling objects and devices used at home or office or industry digitally through IP address and thus bridging the gap between Digital and Physical world.

IoT allows objects and devices to be controlled remotely and thus boosting operational efficiency.

IoT Development

IoT incorporates communication between machines, also called M2M (Machine to Machine) communication. This brings automation, supervisory control, and monitoring into the picture and typically translates to the integration of several objects with intended operational mechanisms and security in place.

The design and development of IoT systems take into account several aspects of consumer behavior and usage of products and devices which is analyzed with big data to get valuable insights that are translated and incorporated into IoT architecture and manufacturing of devices and further standardization process.

Some key advantages and benefits of IoT systems are-

  • Real-time data processing. 
  • Automation of various processes manually controlled until now thus making the process more accurate and error-free
  • Remote monitoring
  • Device usage and management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Security defined at different levels

IoT Advisory

Our advisory on IoT systems and the development of application processes help our clients effectively transform their business models to accrue economic benefit.

IoT systems aim at making our lives more efficient through better monitoring and control. Just like Smart Energy Meters transformed the power distribution and utility business both from the suppliers and users’ perspectives, IoT systems also push the industry to transform themselves into Smart manufacturing which is beneficial to not thus the manufacturers but also to us users who can find their world shrink and have an eye upon things that matter.

The IoT enabled products and devices to have their electronics embedded with sensors and network connectivity, which is the root of smart manufacturing.

Get the right advisory for IoT solutions for manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail, energy, and other industries.  

IoT Support

Get the IoT analytics and application management support to design an efficient and upgradeable system. IoT data analysis to troubleshoot any data quality issues, cloud management, and supporting client’s changing usage and business needs are some of the important services that we offer.

The seamless integration of IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture is equally important. ERP system integration, CRM, email and SMS integration, and integration of new devices are some of the services and support we can offer as the business demands.


Services to Make You Smarter

IoT Development

Build complex IoT solutions relying on our advanced, and cross-domain expertise better experience.

IoT Development

IoT Advisory

Сonnect your business needs with technology and transform your vision into action.

IoT Support

Get on-going post-release support to keep your products’ efficiency at maximum.