Is Digital Branding Worth it in 2021?

Is Digital Branding Worth it in 2021?

A lot of people ask about the difference between marketing and branding. Technically, these two are primary terms utilized in businesses, especially when you want to be “seen” in the marketplace. However, non-industry individuals often confuse the definitions of the two and misuse these words.

A Quick Difference between the Two Marketing & Branding!!

There is a key difference between marketing and branding. So to put it simply, marketing is the different actions taken to communicate with the customers. It’s also a way to urge them to purchase your products or services. When it comes to branding, it’s the practice of actively and positively shaping the brand. To note, it’s all about defining who you are as a company/brand.

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Let’s get into more details to learn more about these two terms. [Want to know about the secret strategies for digital marketing??]

What Is Branding?

To know more of the difference between marketing and branding, let’s first focus on branding. It’s all about the emotional and perceptive connection a brand has with its consumers. You can consider branding as a type of promise to the people. It’s basically telling them what they can expect from your services/products.
Most importantly, branding separates your offering from competitors and can be a distinct, as well as an efficient selling point. It’s crucial for any service or business to get branding elements right. The brand identity is what makes a company stand out from the crowd. That’s in addition to boosting the value of the company.
The best branding is always based on strong ideas; without branding, there won’t be any distinctions. With that, everyone should understand that branding defines a company. It can be used to underline and precede marketing efforts to acquire more consumers.

What Is Marketing?

Now, let’s look into marketing. It’s a collection of tools that promote the business. These include social media, SEO, PPC, mobile, local searches, plus classic promo tools and methods.  Marketing makes up the entire set of activities and tactics that a brand/company uses to set its messages in the market. For its goal, it’s to influence and urge people to purchase.
Unlike branding, marketing focuses on sales and is based on a much shorter timeframe. It usually has a CTA button for purchasing or a step that leads to purchases. While marketing is for promoting products and services, branding is for actively shaping the brand. Strategies are necessary for both, and they have different goals that would lead to different results.

Marketing Is Also Branding?

Marketing will always fall under branding since it’s part of the brand’s expression. Though marketing has tons of campaigns, it works on different media platforms too. Basically, all situations of marketing actions are situations of brand messaging.

However, you should remember that even if marketing always falls under branding, the opposite doesn’t. There are tons of instances where branding doesn’t get categorized under marketing. Any type of fulfillment like messages after a sale isn’t marketing, but branding.

The Importance of Digital Branding

When you think about it, digital branding is critical and crucial to winning the trust of the customers. Without a logo or brand structure, everything will look out-of-order. So, people visiting a company/brand’s page on social media only have a couple of elements to judge one’s legitimacy. If you decide to skip branding, most people will consider the brand/company untrustworthy. This will have them move on to the next company instead. That’s why the digital presence should have a structure and pattern across various channels. It’s to avoid incidents as such.

When it comes to the importance of digital branding, it all boils down to effective and efficient communication of value. Digital branding is mainly thinking about the customer and potential consumer and how the brand can make itself known. It’s also a way to see the difference between one brand from the other, and what makes them better. So when a potential customer understands the business when they visit a company/brand’s site, purchasing decisions will be quicker.

Is Digital Branding Worth It in 2021?

With COVID-19 still around, 2021 is still unpredictable. It means that while a couple of predicted trends pre-pandemic appeared, others didn’t at all. With that, there certainly are different forced adaptations that reshape and alter the elements of the marketing environment. The unpredictable nature of 2021 has led brands and companies to think about how they can better connect with customers. With shops closing and strict orders to stay at home, it only means that people are stuck inside.

Since that’s the case, a lot of people spend more time online, whether it’s on their computer or their smartphones. This situation has pushed brands and companies to branch out then establish more human-centric means to reach their customers. Not only that, but e-Commerce sales skyrocketed since people spend more time on social media.

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In 2020 everything was filled with continuously unprecedented change, and that continues up to this year. Digital marketing and branding evolved greatly to match the “new normal”. That also goes for the demands and habits of both brands and consumers.

Somehow, we can safely say that this year will still be a year of continuous digital changes. It’s where the innovative and smart use of marketing strategies, technology, and creative ideas will make or break companies. If you’re planning to push through with your business, or are aiming to improve the brand, go for it! Rise above your competition by getting more familiar with branding and marketing. Start switching resources, conducting research, and kick-start some brainstorming sessions.

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