Online Learning Solutions

E-Learning has opened up new doors and vistas for every stakeholder in the education ecosystem. From housewives to differently-abled and from retired elderly citizens to youngsters seeking a side hustle, online learning and thus online course delivery both are part of a booming education industry and the knowledge economy. There is no age for learning and to take up a hobby and e-Learning solutions are solving some age-old challenges effortlessly. Even for organizations who wish to get their personnel trained on a new version of software or a new technique, they do not need to go through the lengthy and time-consuming process anymore as everything is available on a few clicks. The education industry has been getting actually liberated with the information and communication technology.

Virtual Classroom

It's simply the most innovative thing to have happened to the education ecosystem. Foreign universities and experts sitting at faraway distance can impart classes to the remotest corner of any country.

Online Courses

From pre-recorded videos and course modules in text or slide format, one can make good use of their knowledge and skills, and also convert them into digital products and monetize by selling on any digital e-commerce platform.

Custom LMS

Whether incorporating tracking alerts, or integration with social media, access to libraries on cloud, or conducting online tests, a versatile Learning Management System can provide an amazing experience to learn things online.

Benefits of Learning Management System

Taking the advantages of Augmented and Virtual Reality, our client can get a simulated environment to have a real life-like experience. Implementing virtual e-trips and classrooms, can help organizations cut their learning expenses significantly and also create a unique learning experience. 3-D visualizations combined with AR & VR can transform the learning experience into something of a highly focused and motivated one that is distraction-free and cognitive.

Like mathematics or science, fundamentals can be conveniently taught with the help of games. Games make learning activities more interesting and exciting. By adding gamification to e-learning solutions, both teaching and learning efforts and time consumed can be optimized. Games also help in memorizing learning steps and process better. Educators also find it easier to assess the candidates on their knowledge, common sense and analytical skills.

Artificial intelligence makes e-learning solutions smarter, by way of content and also through behavioral analytics. Personalized learning algorithms based on learners’ experience and preferences can be modeled to provide emotional appeal. In e-learning reality, AI allows for adapting learning content in real time and making it easy to perceive and retain. AI-equipped learning systems can also help educators excel in learners’ profiling, and create analytics that suggest in real-time how to adjust and modify the teaching according to the learners’ abilities.