Top Strategies for Conversion-Rate Optimizations and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore them

Top Strategies for Conversion-Rate Optimizations and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore them

Conversion rate optimization provides the fastest, best, and most effective methods to turn your web traffic into paying customers. With conversion optimization in the limelight, you can readily determine what ideal assets can be included in your revenue streams. These will be based on your business and marketing objectives. The latter could be anything from digital or physical products, eCommerce capabilities, or the use of ads on your website.

Conversion-Rate Optimizations

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Conversion rate optimization or CRO can involve numerous elements and strategies. But despite that, they’re all geared towards the same idea: converting visitors into leads then leads to customers.

The Top Strategies for Conversion-Rate Optimization

Here are the top CRO strategies that you can follow to gain more leads for your websites:

Establish a Sense of Urgency

It’s said that about 96% of those who visit your website aren’t ready to purchase or use your services. However, your website’s job is to get people to add products to their carts or to sign-up for your services. And the way to do this is by creating a sense of urgency for them.

Creating a sense of urgency greatly helps with your conversion rate optimization efforts. That’s because it urges the people to take action immediately instead of putting things off. Making people feel like they’re going to miss on or lose a great deal is a way to drive conversions.

A simple way to create a sense of urgency is by offering promotional offers. However, do note that the urgency will only work if your service or product is something that customers actively want. If they aren’t interested in your product, all these offers won’t make them want to get it. In addition, you should always set a deadline. If your potential customer knows that there isn’t any rush to get your services/product, they’ll put off. Then, the tendency is that they’ll forget about it eventually.

An expiration date is vital. That’s because it gives potential buyers a deadline which is something that they have a hard time resisting. The fear of missing a great deal is more than enough to urge people to take action.

Utilize Videos to Catch Your Visitor’s Attention and to Explain Your Product/Services

Nowadays, videos aren’t just an up-and-coming marketing strategy. It’s here staying, and it’s a great medium to communicate your brand story. It helps detail your value proposition, and it’s a way to establish relationships with your visitors.

Based on a study about web use, the standard attention span of a person is 8 seconds. That’s because technology is greatly affecting everyone; hence, the shortened attention span of each. More importantly, it shows that businesses only have 8 seconds to catch the attention of prospects with landing pages. In addition, you need to ensure that your hosting is fast. It’s so you don’t waste the few 8 seconds that you have just by loading your page. Of course, you shouldn’t forget that you need to have content that will allow your visitors to engage with you immediately.

Utilizing videos for engaging users to share your business’s story is an ideal way to interact with them. These videos can either be hand-drawn, claymation, or even digital drawings. But no matter what you choose, these provide your page with a clear and effective way to convey your value.

According to a study, integrating videos on your landing page increases conversion rates by about 80%. Using videos on your landing page can aid customers in learning more about your business. Plus, it also keeps their attention and piques their interest, thus, pushing them to purchase.

Adding Trust Signs

A more popular brand has an established reputation. But that doesn’t mean less popular brands don’t provide quality products/services. Popular brands are at an advantage since they have a lot of positive feedback from customers. This feedback and reviews are called trust signs. People make buying decisions based on trust.

If someone doesn’t know or trust your brand, they’ll less likely buy from you. You’ll need to increase your site’s trustworthiness to capture leads and increase conversion rates. The best way to earn trust is through social proof. You can utilize video testimonials, online reviews, and social media shares. Most visitors rely on these trust signs when they decide to purchase something from you.

According to studies, 70% of buyers ask others’ opinions before buying something. Keep in mind that the best copywriting won’t help you gain customers if your business only has one-star reviews.

Minimizing Your Design

Although it’s tempting, never pack your website with bells and whistles to draw more customers. These may look interactive and eye-catching, but visitors tend to be distracted by your website’s design.

A website packed with designs can also slow down your website, negatively affecting your site’s conversion rates. Of course, you’ll want to get more traffic to your site. To make this strategy more effective, you can leave some things off your homepage. Also, avoid having large bodies of text on your landing page. This part of your website shouldn’t appear like a blog, so keep the text short and sweet.  Minimal design is vital, specifically above the fold of your website. This refers to what a visitor can see on a page without scrolling down. Plus, it’s also where people spend most of their time when visiting a website.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore CRO?

The primary goal of any CRO strategy is to increase your revenue. CRO shouldn’t be ignored since it’s an essential element in any business’ growth. You won’t notice it, but making tweaks on your offers, web design, and copy are part of optimizing conversion rates. Running CRO campaigns and using these CRO strategies has become a mainstream effort among businesses today to increase conversion rates. While there are a lot of strategies and practices, you’ll need to determine what’s best for you and your customers.

When you use successful CRO strategies for your business, you won’t just save effort, time, and money. You’ll also discover new ways to make your business grow. Executing conversion rate optimization correctly gives useful customer behavior insights, as well as tips on improving your audience’s user experience.


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